Online Mentoring Orientation
A PowerPoint presentation outlining the complete mentoring process

Welcome to the second issue of the Mentor Advisor, a periodic e-newsletter designed to support the AACE International mentoring program.  The publication is designed to provide insight and techniques to mentors, partner/protégés and others interested in learning more about the self-guided mentoring process that AACE International is using.  

Should Partners/Protégés Seek Mentors That Look Like Them?

In her new book, No Higher Honor , former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice captured a principle that has been essential to successful professional association mentoring programs. "Don't think that your mentors have to look like you. Instead, your role models need to share your passion and be able to give you the best advice they can. My mentors have been old white men. If I had waited for a black Soviet specialist, I might still be waiting."

The reality is that the current membership of AACE International currently is made up of a significant percentage of white males from North America.  This demographic reality will gradually change as AACE International expands its reach internationally and more women and minorities become involved in the practice of total cost management but our pool of mentors reflects that reality,

When selecting a potential mentor, we encourage partners/protégés to select individuals that reflect their passion and interests, not necessarily their gender, age group or nationality.  Exposure to more diverse ideas and experiences heightens the mentoring experiencing for both the mentor and the partner.  Also, remember that in the self-guided system used by AACE International, it is the partner/protégé that initiates the mentoring engagement. 

To select a potential mentor, go to  Remember to log in to use the site!

AACE International Joins in Celebrating National Mentoring Month

January is National Mentoring Month focusing national attention not only on the need for mentors, but also on how each of us - individuals, businesses, government agencies, schools, faith communities and non-profits - can work together to increase the number of mentors to help develop the full potential of others.
National Mentoring Month celebrates mentoring and its positive effect by
  • Raising awareness of mentoring
  • Recruiting individuals to mentor
  • Promoting growth of mentoring by recruiting organizations to engage their participants in mentoring

Help spread the word about the positive aspect of mentoring.  AACE International currently has 99 registered mentors and 65 partner/protégés involved in our program.  To learn more about the AACE International Program, review the following section of our website.

As part of National Mentoring Month, January 26 has been set aside as Thank You Mentor Day .  Have you often thought about someone who encouraged you, gave you confidence, or just pointed you in the right direction, but regret never having said "thank you?" Here's your chance to remember them by writing about how they made a difference in your life. What lessons-or words-of lasting value did they impart to you? Are there particular events or moments in your life that you recall in connection with your mentor? Tell us about them! Your stories, and the lessons they contain, will be of value to other visitors to this web site. To honor your mentor publically, go to this site:

Look for Mentoring Article in February 2012 Source:  Make sure you check out the inaugural issue of Source, our new digital publication that will be launched on February 1.  One of the feature articles in the new publication will be Getting to Know Your Partner: Using the Concepts of Behavioral Interviewing by Dr. Matt M. Starcevich, Founder and CEO, Center for Coaching & Mentoring.  Dr. Starcevich provided the primary resources for the AACE International Mentoring Handbook which has been adapted for our unique needs. 

New Discussion Forum for Mentoring:  To provide a venue for mentors and partner/protégés to share ideas and techniques about the mentoring process, AACE International has created a special discussion forum on our website.  To review the discussion forum or make a comment, go here.  (Login required.)

Partner/Protégé Eligible for Discount If Attending Their First Annual Meeting: Partners in a current mentoring relationship and attending their first annual meeting will be allowed to register at a 50% discount, providing their AACE International mentor is also attending as a regular registrant.   This applies only to those mentors and partner/protégés that are part of the official AACE International mentoring program, not informal or company-sponsored mentoring programs. 

Mentoring Advisory Committee: The Mentoring Advisory Committee (MAC) was created to provide oversight of the AACE International Mentoring Program and to promote participation and support of the mentoring concept within the Association. The current AACE Mentoring Program evolved from a joint pilot program conducted by the Diversity Task Force, Women in Project Controls Committee and the Young Professionals Committee in 2010. Building upon the initial success of that pilot, the AACE Mentoring Program employs a self-guided model that has gained wide acceptance among professional associations sponsoring mentoring programs. The Mentoring Advisory Committee sets the requirements for mentors and makes recommendations regarding the administration and promotion of the mentoring program.