Scholarship Overview
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Scholarship Descriptions
AACE International offers competitive and matching funds scholarships to US, Canadian, and International students pursuing a program related to cost engineering/cost management. The competitive scholarships are awarded by the AACE International Education Board and are currently available in various amounts to a maximum of $2500. AACE International Sections may also offer scholarships through the matching funds scholarship program. Applications received for the competitive scholarships will also be reviewed for inclusion in the matching funds scholarship program. All scholarships are awarded for use in the fall term of the next academic year.

Applicants must:
  1. Have completed one year of college, be currently enrolled as a full-time student at an accredited university (See the scholarship application for accreditation criteria) for the fall term, and be pursuing a program in one of the following disciplines:

    Agricultural EngineeringArchitectural Engineering
    Building ConstructionBusiness Administration
    Chemical EngineeringCivil Engineering
    Industrial EngineeringManufacturing Engineering
    Mechanical EngineeringMining Engineering
    Electrical EngineeringQuantity Surveying

  2. Possess a GPA of 3.0 or higher (using a 4.0 grading scale)

  3. Complete and submit the online application and Advisorís recommendation.

  4. Be enrolled fulltime in a program for the fall term. Applicants in their final undergraduate year must have been accepted to attend a full-time graduate program in the next academic year to qualify for a scholarship.

Application Process
The following table represents key milestones in the AACE International scholarship process:

December 1 Ė February 28Complete and submit the online application and Advisorís recommendation.
MarchCompleted applications are sent to the Education Board for review.
AprilThe Education Board identifies finalists, selects recipients, and determines scholarship amounts. Scholarship applications are sent to Sections that express interest in providing a Section level scholarship.
MayAll applicants are notified of the final results. Scholarship recipients provide information necessary for the disbursement of funds.
First week of AugustScholarship funds are disbursed to the universities of the scholarship recipients.