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All AACE staff members may be contacted by phone at +1.304.296.8444, by fax at +1.304.291.5728, or by mail at 1265 Suncrest Towne Centre Drive, Morgantown, WV 26505-1876, USA.

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Executive Director
Charity A. Quick, MBA CIA CCT
+1.304.2968444 x1102
Director, Governance, Marketing,
and Meetings

Jennie Amos
+1.304.2968444 x1106
The Executive Director serves as the chief staff officer and is appointed by the Board of Directors. She serves as a non-voting member of the board and is responsible for ensuring that AACE International fulfills its mission to be the recognized authority in Total Cost Management. She is also responsible for the operations of headquarters and the management of activities of AACE staff. The Executive Director also serves along with the President as a spokesperson for AACE. The Director, Governance, Marketing, and Meetings manages the governance, marketing, advertising, and promotional activities of the Association. She serves as a liaison to the Headquarters Staff as required and is a member of the AACE Annual Meetings Committee, Marketing Advisory Committee, Women in Project Controls Committee, Diversity Task Force, and Young Professionals Committee. Contact her if you are in need of marketing materials for your Section, if you have questions about marketing for the Association, AACE-News (electronic newsletter), surveys, or the specialty committees/task forces she works on.

Manager, Certification and Membership
Penny Whoolery
+1.304.2968444 x1104
Credentialing Analyst
Valerie Smith
+1.304.2968444 x1112
Our Certification and Membership Manager is responsible for the overall management of the Certification Program and membership, while overseeing the day-to-day certification operations and serves as the staff liaison to the Certification Board. Responsible for program efficiency and accuracy and ensuring compliance with policies and procedures set forth by the Certification Board and accreditation agencies, the Certification and Membership Manager should be contacted for questions or issues related to these areas. Our Credentialing Analyst is primarily responsible for the pre-examination and post-examination credentials of certification candidates, to include eligibility verification documentation, providing clearance to eligible candidates, processing and tracking of certification technical papers, specialty memo/essays, and professional paper/reports pertaining to the various certification exams offered by AACE, and ensuring proper awarding of AACE designations to successful candidates. The Credentialing Analyst also provides administrative support to the Certification Department and should be contacted for all issues related to exam eligibility and current examination status.

Certification Administrator
Amanda Bliss
+1.304.2968444 x1110
Coordinator, Member Services
Sharon Hardman
+1.304.2968444 x1105
Our Certification Administrator is responsible for the overall administration of certification examination registration and recertification program management. Major responsibilities: provide program guidance and support to examination candidates and assist active certificants in the maintenance of their AACE International certification.The Coordinator, Member Services provides Headquarters support to the Vice President-Regions, Regional Directors, and Sections. Major responsibilities: processing applications and renewal statements for membership and Corporate/Organizational Membership Partnership, maintaining member records, responding to inquiries for membership information and providing information, materials, mailing lists and assistance to the Sections.

Membership Administrator
Emily Nigh
+1.304.2968444 x1115
The Membership Administrator provides support and assistance to the Membership department.  

Manager, Education
Teri Jefferson, CMP
+1.304.2968444 x1120
Our Manager, Education is responsible for the management of the Approved Education Provider (AEP) program, the Mentoring Program, and the Scholarship program, while overseeing the day-to-day operations of AACE International education products and programs. The Manager, Education also serves as the staff liaison to the Education Board and is responsible for ensuring education products and programs are in compliance with the policies and procedures set forth by the Education Board. The Manager, Education should be contacted for questions or issues related to these areas.  

Manager, Accounting and Administration
Janice L. Johnson, CPA
+1.304.2968444 x1107
Accounting Assistant/Accounts Receivable
Donna Williford
+1.304.2968444 x1101
The Manager, Accounting and Administration is responsible for the financial and tax reporting operations of AACE International, consistent with generally accepted accounting principles and approved budgets of the Association as well as human resources administration and management. The manager serves as staff liaison, with Executive Director, to Vice President – Finance and other board members as pertains to the financial and tax affairs of the Association. The Accounting Assistant/Accounts Receivable staff member under the direction of the Manager, Accounting and Administration is responsible for reconciling and reporting all cash receipts, accounts receivable, and revenue deferrals. The assistant is also responsible for maintaining records of donation and section dues remittances. 

Accounting Assistant/Accounts Payable
Molly Burrow
+1.304.2968444 x1118
The Accounting Assistant/Accounts Payable staff member under the direction of the Manager, Accounting and Administration is responsible for processing and recording all Association bills and accruing all payables. The assistant is also responsible for maintaining records of prepaid expenses and depreciation. 

Director, Technical Guidance
Christian Heller
+1.304.2968444 x1117
The Director, Technical Guidance serves as the staff liaison to the Technical Board. Contact him if you are looking for sources of technical information and/or support, have questions about the technical program at the Annual Meeting, or our discussion forums.  

Manager, Information Technology
Jeff Hospodavis
+1.304.2968444 x1119
Technical Operations Coordinator
Greg Carte
+1.304.2968444 x1116
The Manager, Information Technology oversees all IT functions at headquarters and handles the association's website and AMS functions. The Technical Operations Coordinator provides support and assistance to the IT department. He also assists the Technical Guidance department in the preparation and editing of technical documents.

Business Development Coordinator
Cassie LoPiccolo
+1.304.2968444 x1122
The Business Development Coordinator manages the advertising and sales for AACE’s publications (Cost Engineering journal and Source magazine), AACE website banner ads, Annual Meeting Exhibits, the AACE Career Center, and sponsorship for all AACE events including the Annual Meeting.  

Managing Editor
Marvin Gelhausen
+1.304.2968444 x1111
Art Director
Noah Kinderknecht
+1.304.2968444 x1109
The Managing Editor oversees and manages the pre-press production of all AACE electronic and print publications, including the peer-reviewed Cost Engineering journal, Source magazine, and Annual Meeting Transactions. He works with our associate boards to take volunteer authored study guides and AACE body of knowledge publications from draft format to print-on-demand available publications through CreateSpace and Amazon.com. The Managing Editor also receives any e-mails about copyright questions, permission to use requests, reprint authorizations, submission of abstracts and manuscripts, subscription delivery issues, as well as AACE Constitution and Bylaws questions. The Managing Editor manages and oversees the annual AACE election of officers.The Art Director oversees and manages the graphic design, layout, and pre-press production of all AACE print products. He is the contact for questions and/or permission for the authorized use of the AACE logo. He provides electronic files for approved logo use. He answers questions on the submission of photos and artwork, print resolution and dpi guidelines. He is the backup contact in the absence of the managing editor and can answer questions on deadlines and publication print schedules.