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1.3 Organization of the TCM Framework

1.3.1 The TCM Framework Uses Process Management Conventions

    Total cost management is a quality driven process model. As such, the Framework employs process management conventions. A process consists of a flow of inputs and outputs with mechanisms that transform the inputs to outputs. The Framework maps the process flows of TCM. The transforming mechanisms or activities are referred to as tools, techniques, or sub-processes. The inputs and outputs of TCM consist primarily of data and information.

1.3.2 The TCM Framework Uses a Standard Organization Structure

    The Framework is organized into parts, chapters, and sections. The chapters correspond to the process elements (i.e., blocks) in the high level TCM process map that is illustrated and described later in Section 2.2. Figure 1.3-1 below illustrates how the chapters and key sections can be grouped by basic or overarching processes, functional or working processes, and enabling and supporting processes.

Figure1.3-1.jpg (133376 bytes)

Figure 1.3-1 The Structure of the Framework’s Parts and Chapters

    The "sections" in each chapter correspond to the functional level process steps that are illustrated and described later in Sections 2.3 and 2.4. The process sections are organized as follows (for the "enabling" processes, maps, inputs, and outputs are not applicable and are excluded):

        x.x.1 Description of the Process
        x.x.2 Process Map
        x.x.3 Inputs to the Process
        x.x.4 Outputs of the Process
        x.x.5 Key Concepts for the Process

    Each section also includes a list of further readings and sources. These are included because the Framework is very conceptual in nature and readers are likely to want to learn more about specific topics. These readings and sources were suggested by the editors and contributors and may not have been referred to in development of the Framework (i.e., the listed materials may be at odds in some cases). AACE International is not endorsing these sources as anything other than products of general interest.


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