Outstanding Regional Director
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This award is in recognition of outstanding service through the office of Regional Director.

This award is selected annually by the Vice President: Regions from among the current regional directors.

2015David A. Norfleet, CCP CFCC DRMP
2014M. Cristina Baltazar, PE PSP
2013M. Cristina Baltazar, PE PSP
2012Duane R. Meyer PE CCP
2011Philips Tharakan Mulackal, CCP EVP LEED AP
2010 John J. Ciccarelli PE CCP PSP
2009 Andy Padilla ECCP
2008 Alexia A. Nalewaik CCP MRICS
2007 Robert D. Bakewell CCP
2006 Valerie G. Venters CCP
2005 Jeffrey D. Kursave CCP
2004 Stephen P. Warhoe PE CCP
2003 Katrina D. Washington Knight