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Spotlight on Gilegol Kordbache
Gilegol Kordbache was born and raised in Tehran, Iran. Ater compleing her preliminary college work in Iran, she coninued her educaion in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and earned her bachelor of science degree in business informaion systems with a secondary emphasis on markeing from Middlesex University.

Gilegol’s life has been characterized by a mulitude of challenges which caused her to think through problems and formulate soluions. During her five year stay in Dubai, Gilegol had the opportunity to funcion in different roles and responsibiliies—including several engineering tasks for different informaion technology (IT) companies. This experience facilitated her to determine that her vocaion to be in project management and control.

Her first formal project management and control posiion was with a sotware development company, Amlaki, as a project coordinator for informaion technology projects. Not much later, she was promoted to managing the media division at Amlaki and started working as project manager, managing the development of large web-related sotware projects. During her career in Dubai she completed several project management related courses offered by the Project Management Insitute.

Gilegol benefited through her extensive travels where she was exposed to many different cultures and learned how to easily adapt herself to different circumstances. Her exposure to internaional companies and virtual teams taught her that team work and communicaion are two key success factors in project management.

In 2009, she started a family and moved to Norway with her husband. Also, she accepted a posiion with Aker Soluions in the project management department. Aker Soluions is a leading global oil service company that provides engineering service, technologies, and product soluions in the oil and gas industry.

Gilegol was introduced to AACE Internaional in 2009, at Aker Soluions, while working in the Subsea division. Her involvement in AACE has been an enormous value and has provided her with various opportuniies to expand her career. She acively paricipates in the AACE forums and says they are very interacive and a great source of informaion. She enjoys aricles from the AACE Virtual Library and also says the Cost Engineering journal is a great technical resource for professionals. Gilegol is interested in pursuing PSP cerificaion.

For the past two and half years at Aker Soluions, Gilegol has been funcioning as a senior lead planner, working with planning/scheduling aciviies for all phases of an engineering, procurement and construcion (EPC) project; she is using Primavera P6 and project control tools such as earned value, producivity curves, cost performance index , S-curves and criical path in her daily work. She paricipates in her companies mentoring program and serves as a mentor for a young man that is working in producion and cost engineering. She recently learned about the AACE mentoring program and is interested in learning more about the program.

Gilegol says she relies on AACE Internaional as a knowledge base and a hub to connect with other like professionals, especially women, and to exchange informaion, share experiences, and ask for advice. In Norway, Gilegol atends secion meeings in Oslo and says they provide her with a great opportunity to develop a professional network with other specialists in her region.

Gilegol believes project control is the key to managing complex and/or disparate tasks. She says women are natural planners because they must juggle their careers and family lives, including all social, cultural, and economic constraints. She advises women to take advantage of learning “formalized” project control and management techniques. Gilegol says there is a big difference between basic planning and scienific planning methods, such as risk assessment, including miigaion techniques or closure pracices. She recommends ladies use the technical materials available through AACE Internaional to improve their careers and help guide them toward their goals.

Article by Julie Owen, CCC PSP